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Vancellen Sturgeon
Vancellen Sturgeon

NMLS ID 183922
Phone: 505-908-1057

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PSd, Ltd. and Vancellen have provided creative and responsible financing to real estate owners since 1988. Prior to operating as a residential and commercial mortgage broker, Vancellen served as a senior loan officer for a $25 million dollar private mortgage brokerage firm. Her background encompasses government auditing, commercial business development/leasing and operations management consultant. Vancellen is a strong advocate of “networking” with other licensed brokers in the event she is unable to place your mortgage loan with her many, excellent, wholesale lender/partners.

Throughout her tenure, Ms. Sturgeon has developed a reputation of sincerity and straight-forwardness. Her motto has always been “every deal is important, but only if it makes sense.” That motto and her reputation have helped in developing a portfolio of lenders and investors who are willing to consider offerings made on behalf of her clients.